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I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as "acting"; there is only "life." I was taught a long time ago, as a young actor in the late 1970s,

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John Pallotta

Of all the tools in the actor’s toolbox, improv skills (and training) are among the most crucial for all sorts of jobs.


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A professional Actress and Acting Coach in NYC for over 20 years, Lisa Regina has appeared on TV / Film in The Sopranos, Bronx Paradise, Priceless, The Real  Housewives of NJ,All My Children, and national commercial campaigns for Delta Sky Miles, K-Mart and Macy’s. Most recently, she was the on-air host for the 2010 Maxwell Football Awards and is currently filming “79 Parts” in the role of Vera, with Award Winning Director, Ari Taub.


With a keen eye and unending mastery John Pallotta vision's the actor inside of you and like a craftsman, he pulls that vision into reality. As an acting teacher, he is a master of the human condition. He sees our potential as human beings and teaches his students to free their true nature through acting. John is as good if not better then the mentors & masters that taught him. 

Oscar Winner Billy Badalato

Oscar Winner Reese Witherspoon (Early Modeling)

Oscar Nominee Chazz Palminteri (Line)

Oscar Nominee Danny Aiello

Oscar Nominee Randolofo Cacavale

Oscar Nominee Nicholas Lorain

Oscar Nominee Norma Aleandro

Oscar Nominee Ricardo Darin

Tony Award Winner Billy Porter

Tony Award Winner Ruben Brache

Emmy Winner Johnny Alonso

Emmy Nominee Kevin Terrel

Emmy Nominee Anna Chulmsky (B Way - Vegas)

Emmy Winner James Brown

Emmy Winner Mia Michaels

Emmy Nominee Josh Charles (Broadway Orphans)

Emmy Winner Jon Favreau (Balm in Gilead)

Director Robert Downey Sr.

Grammy Nominee: Knoc-Turn'Al

Bonita Elery Louie C.K.

Joseph Donofrio Goodfellas

Frank Albanese Goodfellas, Godfather II

NY Knicks Roger Mason

Michael Phelps  Olympic Swimmer

Rebecca Crews  Director

Huston Rockets Kyle Lowrey

Activist Dick Gregory

Senator Frank Lautenberg

Ana Marie Jamoca Law and Order

Penwah Family Matters

Playboy Centerfold Cindy Guyer

Ron Millkie Friday The 13th

Milani Rose Super Model

Bianca Sloof Bubbles -­ VH1)

Creep Dogg Musical Artist

Asa Arnold Are We There Yet

Amanda Gordon Comedy Central

Nikki Estridge - Law and Order

Emmy Winner Jen Jiles

Emmy Winner Sue Dixon

Stacey Nelkin

Emmy Winner E. Dawn Samuel

Emmy Winner Ben Aaron

3 Time Tony Nominee Guy Shahar

Joey Lawrence (Early)

Mr. USA Michael Lynn

Dan Manjovi  Award Winning Composer

Candiace Dillard Miss America

Josh Murray Taxi Brooklyn Series

Flint Beverage  The Black List

Kenyah Hill Americas Next Top Model

Sarah Hartshorne Americas Next Top Model

Grammy Winner Kate Pierson

Grammy Nominee Talitha Cumi

Grammy Nominee Patrice Covington

Obie Winner Yvette Ganier

Those Coached, Read with or Endorsing Lisa Regina and John Pallotta

Now or early in their career

on Lisa Regina and John Pallotta


If John Pallotta were a boxer, he’d be Jake LaMotta. A singer? Johnny Cash. Coffee? Triple espresso. An award? Most definitely the Oscars.

"Lisa's passion for the craft and her love, support and dedication to each one of her students goes above and beyond what is expected of a teacher".

Inspired by their gift for providing deep insight with quiet, well-chosen words, Lisa Regina and John Pallotta are quickly becoming two of the top acting coaches on the east coast.


Lisa and John's method is aimed exclusively at unleashing the actor’s emotional power. their students find their own voice as an actor. Acting is a process. It is a journey of discovery. It is a living breathing process that happens each and every day and does not happen overnight.


Becoming an actor is learning a new way of thinking and about the way you look at life. Just as you make choices in life that determine your success or your failure. It goes the same for your choices you make as an actor.


Lisa and John are often contacted directly by NYC’s finest film schools, casting directors and legit agents for student referrals. This provides their  students with casting opportunities, as well as true, on-set experiences right from the start.







What you will learn from Lisa and John


Take on a character in a split second with fullness.

Create believable emotion and be in the moment.

Make choices and feel confident in those choices.

Not freeze at auditions an quickly correct mistakes.

Book more work again and again.

Remember lines fast without memorizing.

Quickly change directions on a dime.

Prepare for an audition fast and feel good about it.

Add rich layers to your roles and performances.

Break your casting mold.